Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Janet's Haiti trip 2012

Post From Janet in Haiti:
I am doing very well, the attendance is down with lots of young people Elda's age, very good and working hard.

We have had six of the ten quilts returned and finished I wish I could do better with my computer but will try to get some off.

The sisters worked from morning to night and were a great help getting me organized and coming up with teaching new skills.  Have each of us doing 1 thing and rotating was excellent.  They want to come back in a year.

The school now has 4 rooms and is a stall for addition until Chrystal can buy the land valued at $4000, but asking $40,000, Deb feels they have an added zero, sometimes that happens, but John says we will wait a bit longer until he gets hungry.

Thanks so much and all is really great.  John and Deb are in very good health and doing well.  I have pics of the rooster and baby chicks, and tomorrow the guinea hens I hope, they are amazing.

I'll be home Sunday.  The bank would not take the check it has to be made out to John Currelly so am bringing it back to be reissued.   It is very much appreciated as they are buying books and school starts October 1.  I have been with Chrystal these two weeks, but have not met the other teacher.

It is definitely the rainy season with constant thunder and lightning in the night and daily a quick heavy rain and then it turns back to a great day.  So far only one rainy morning but it did not stop the sewers.  The mornings in Haiti are always my favorite part of the day as the sun is out, warm and welcoming.

Love to all for Haiti.  Janet, in stitches