Monday, August 30, 2010

The project

Hey everyone,
         My name is Sophie Bartels, I'm a high schooler and on September 14th I'm going to Haiti! I came up with the idea to start a project to send baby quilts down to Haiti after the earthquake last winter. We then decided to go down to Haiti ourselves with the Methodist church to bring down the quilts, and to teach the people of Bois D'avril, a mountain village 2 hours from Port-au-Prince, how to sew. We had many sew-a-thons where I along with my sewing teacher and many friends of all ages made the quilts and pairs of pants. We also sold some of the quilts and raffled them off to help pay for fabric, treadle sewing machines (since there is no electricity there), and other sewing materials. We now have 38 quilts and 20 pairs of pants to share with the villagers. Our goal is to help the village women to start a sewing cooperative that will become self-sustaining.We are all very excited to go!